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$845,000 pre-trial settlement for a 69 year old woman who sustained shoulder, neck, and back injuries as a result of an MTA Bus colliding with her car as she was unloading packages from the back seat. Our client underwent four surgeries as a result of the incident, and we were able to prove that all of her injuries were causally related to the collision.


$225,000 pre-trial settlement for a young women who slipped and fell on ice in Queens, New York, and suffered an ankle fracture. After extensive deposition testimony, we were able to prove that the defendant had constructive notice of the dangerous condition at his premises.


$100,000 policy tendered by insurance company after our client was struck and killed by a car in Nassau County. After doing an extensive asset search, our firm prepared a Compromise Petition that was signed by the Surrogates Court.


$100,000 auto insurance policy tendered by a private insurance company after our client’s car was struck by another vehicle, and she sustained serious injuries. The tortfeasor did not have any assets to satisfy a judgment in excess of the policy limits, and therefore a pre-trial settlement was reached.


$75,000 awarded to client whose vehicle was struck by the negligent driver of another car and sustained a soft tissue injury. After the tortfeasor tendered their insurance policy, an action was brought before the American Arbitration Association. After an arbitration hearing, we were successfully able to defeat the New York State threshold law, and an additional $50,000.00 was awarded.