Seven Types of Child Injury That Can Lead to Litigation

Child crying and being comforted by adult.

While every parent hopes to keep their children safe from harm, child injury is an unfortunate fact of life. While many of these injuries are unavoidable, some might have been prevented if only adults were careful enough with the children they are entrusted with protecting. When that happens, it can lead to lawsuits by parents seeking justice for the harm their children suffered. Here are seven types of child injury that can lead to litigation:

  1. Dog and animal bites
    • One of the most common sources of injury for children is being bitten by dogs or other animals. Children can be unduly rough with animals, but their owners are supposed to ensure their animals are well-trained and socialized so they don’t attack unprovoked. They are also supposed to keep their animals fenced in, or keep them on a leash in public, precisely to prevent this kind of injury.
  2. Accidents at school
    • When you send a child to school, you expect them to be kept safe by their teachers and supervisors. However, a child injury can occur when children are left to their own devices and not properly supervised. Schools have a responsibility to keep children safe during school hours, and can be held responsible when kids are hurt on their watch.
  3. Playground accidents
    • Children are supposed to play, and playgrounds are a great way for kids to get out and have fun. However, they still need to be properly supervised by an adult in order to avoid getting injured. A failure to provide adequate adult supervision can result in scrapes, cuts, bruises, or even broken bones, which might otherwise have been avoided.
  4. Choking or strangulation
    • Many of the toys and items made for children are specially constructed to ensure they do not pose a choking or strangulation hazard. However, there is always the risk that a young child will try to swallow something they shouldn’t, or get something tied around their neck, resulting in choking or strangulation. This type of child injury can be caused by defective products, which become unsafe in the hands of young children.
  5. Poisoning
    • Suffice it to say that most children, particularly young children, do not always know the difference between what is safe to eat or drink, and what will hurt them. That is why it is so important for people who supervise children to keep potentially poisonous chemicals out of their reach. When supervisors fail to keep children from ingesting toxins, it can lead to a child injury.
  6. Swimming pool and beach accidents
    • Beaches and swimming pools are fun places for people to relax, particularly during the summer, and children often love to run around diving into the water. However, children are not always as careful as they should be, and they can easily find themselves underwater and unable to get to the surface. This is why pools and beaches should always have a lifeguard on duty, which can save a child from drowning.
  7. Burns
    • Adults may know that you should not put your hand near fires or touch hot surfaces, but children often do not. That is why adults are supposed to watch children to ensure they do not hurt themselves. More than one fun activity has turned into an emergency room trip when an adult supervisor failed to stop a child from burning themselves.

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