USCIS Begins 2023 H-1B Visa Lottery Starting March 1

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has begun to accept applications for the H-1B visa lottery for FY 2023. The lottery will run until March 18, 2022, during which time people will be able to apply for H-1B visas through USCIS’s online registration system. Anyone selected for this lottery will then be able to go forward with the process of getting H-1B visas, allowing them to legally come to the United States and work.

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Seven Common Mistakes That Lead to Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability accidents are any type of accident that occurs when someone is injured on someone else’s property due to the negligence of the property owner. These injuries, while often dismissed as minor, can potentially have severe repercussions for anyone who suffers them. Here are seven common mistakes that property owners make that can lead to premises liability accidents:

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Afghan Refugees Struggle to Navigate American Immigration System

When the United States finished pulling its forces out of Afghanistan at the end of August 2021, it left many Afghan citizens afraid of what might happen with the American military no longer there to protect them. This led to a flood of hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees, many of whom sought refuge in the United States. However, after coming to America, they have found themselves mired in bureaucracy, struggling to obtain the legal status they need to remain in the country.

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DOJ Defends Asylum Seeker Expulsions Under Public Health Order

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has attracted criticism for defending a controversial 2020 executive order that prohibited some asylum seekers from being able to enter the country. This policy, which was implemented during the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic, was put into place allegedly to prevent the spread of the disease, but critics say it has been harmful to asylum seekers. In a recent court case, the DOJ has defended the policy, arguing that it remains necessary to limit the spread of infection in immigration facilities. Continue reading “DOJ Defends Asylum Seeker Expulsions Under Public Health Order”

Why You Should Take Dog Bites Seriously

Dog bites are a shockingly common phenomenon, with around 4.5 million people suffering dog bites every year across the United States, and 800,000 people needing medical attention as a result. These bites are a serious matter, resulting in serious injuries to victims that can have long-term health effects, particularly to children. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the risk of dog bites seriously, increasing the risk of a bite.

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Supreme Court to Rule on Bail Hearings for Detained Immigrants

The United States Supreme Court has heard arguments in two cases involving immigrants that have been detained without a bail hearing for prolonged periods of time. The Court is weighing in on whether or not such prolonged detentions without a hearing are legal, and whether these immigrants are entitled to a hearing. While the arguments concern these two cases specifically, the Court’s ruling could impact thousands of immigrants currently being detained by American immigration authorities.

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USCIS Reverts to Prior Derivative Asylee Interview Policy

In accordance with two recent executive orders, the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) will be reverting to its previous policy for interviewing “derivative asylees,” people who immigrate with their family members when they seek refugee or asylum status. This shift back to the old policy will significantly reduce the strain on the immigration system, helping to speed up the process for relatives of refugees and asylees seeking to join their loved ones in the United States. However, some people will still need to interview to be considered a derivative asylee.

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Five Major Risks That Contribute to Auto Accidents During the Holidays

More people drive during the holiday season than during any other time of the year. When they are out on the road, they do not always take every precaution they should, leading to a higher risk of auto accidents. Here are just five of the biggest reasons that people suffer motor vehicle accidents during the holiday season:

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How Negligent Supervision Can Lead to Danger for Your Children

When people decide to leave their children in other people’s care, they assume that their children will be appropriately supervised by that person. However, not everyone who is entrusted with caring for children does their job properly, potentially leading to those children getting hurt. This is known as negligent supervision, and when it happens to your children, you may need to seek a legal remedy for the harm they suffered.

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Case Quotas Policy Ended by Department of Justice

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced that a “case quota” policy, put into place during the previous presidential administration, has been rescinded. This policy forced judges to dispose of cases much more quickly than they might have wanted, potentially leading to unjust outcomes. With the case quotas policy rescinded, judges are now less pressured to give final judgments on cases that may deserve closer scrutiny, helping to protect immigrants from potential injustice.

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